Data Limitations from

Repeater World aims to be open source, both code and data but depending on the origin of the data we have, there are limitations in how it can be redistributed. Every record marked with this URL has the restrictions documented here. says:

You may LINK to material on this web site but note that it is not acceptable to lift information and re-publish it on other web sites as this has over the years resulted in out-of-date and therefore incorrect data to be commonly found.

We have contact them and since we have a method by which to keep our data up to date they have allowed us to re-host this data, but we cannot grant you permission to re-host it yourself. If you clone this site, you shouldn't import any data with this limitation without first requesting permission.

We don't like these limitations. We believe information should be free, and we'll aim, over time, to re-source all the data to have no limitations. You can help us by submitting new data to [email protected] and putting it in public domain.